We help you choose the right desktop for your needs!

Exec/Admin/Staff PCs
Now the power starts!

The first of the new family of Core processors from Intel that offers more speed to do what you need. With graphics on the processor, your graphics are managed better to handle what most cost conscious customers need to handle affordably.

Small Business/Manager POS
Dual Core power in the small box

For more power, but still affordable, choose the Pentium Dual Core. With our standard configuration as in the Atom machine, you get more power to multi-task and open a few more windows to do your work.

Small Business/POS Terminals
Small Boxes, great power

For basic internet, Microsoft Office applications and other uses for the Atom dual core power with a minimum of 2G memory, 250G hard drives, and DVD Burners (not availble on POS). These are also great for a stable PC for your home!

Choosing the right PC
We are here to help with the right choice!



Our systems are built from the partnership of the right equipment from Intel Corp and Microsoft. You may think, these are "whitebox", but these are the most powerful Intel machines on the market. Our motherboards and processors are researched & developed by Intel Corp. to work together for the most powerful system that is second to no one! All of our systems come with a complete 3 year manufacture warranty!

High Performance/CAD Architect
Easy to Use and Affordable Packages

Now we come to the head of the Core family! The i7 will show you that there is not any wasted time when you do your work. Videos pop up without buffering, you don't see a buffering circle as much and you will be amazed at what this computer can do to help you get your ROI!

Executive Level Power
There is nothing mainstream about an i5!

Some might say that the i5 is a "mainstream" processor only because it is between the i3 and the i7. For the user, there is nothing mainstream about it! With more power, 2nd generation technology for the Core i5, you will not believe you could love being on your PC!