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  • CATS 'Card At Table Service' (Patent Pending) is a new way to provide credit card security at the table while reducing the wait time for customer payment. CATS is affordable, PCI DSS 1.2 Compliant, and plug-n-play compatible with common POS systems. All transactions remain encrypted until the POS terminal receives the card data.   


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    10 Card Readers
    2 Chargers (Five Mounts Each)
    2 Touch Screen POS Docks
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    *Additonal components can be ordered as needed.Card Readers are $99.00 each,
    Touch Screen POS Docks $399.00 each and Chargers $149.00 each.

    All components have a standard with a one year (1) warranty.
    An extended two (2) year warranty is available

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A former Waterloo waitress has been sent to prison for allegedly using her customers' credit card information to make new cards.



Compare Credit Card Processing Systems

Item CATS Card at Table Pay At Table Traditional
Affordable .   .
Protects Card Data . .  
Requires a Certified Wireless System   .  
Complex to train and use   .  
Locks in Payment Process   .  
Removes an Opportunity for Fraud . .  
Easy to Change Payment Processors .   .
No Annual Service fee .    
Readily Available from any sources .   .
No back up required .    

Today there are limited ways to manage Tableside payment with Credit Cards.

There is the expensive and sophisticated 'Pay at Table' group of products characterized by the use of hand held computers and supported by LANs. While these systems have their merits often it is the cost that is an obstacle to their use. In addition there is a degree of complexity required to install and manage the Pay at Table products which is beyond the expertise of the typical restaurant owner.

Servers prefer a simpler approach to the relationship that they have with their customers and often the Pay at Table products interfere with this process.

The traditional manual processing of credit cards has its own merits and weaknesses. Manual credit card payment is simple, well established and relies on the servers to protect the credit cards at all times. Loss of cards is not unusual, nor is the discomfort typically felt by the customers as their cards are removed from the table only to reappear later along with the bill. There is also no way to signal the server that the customer is ready to pay and leave.

While popular with the servers, the traditional manual credit card payment system creates an opportunity for credit card fraud every time the card is removed from the customer to be processed. It will be the restaurant that is exposed not the server when a breach is defined.

CATS Pay at Table Service is a hybrid product that takes the best from the traditional credit card processing method and the best from the Pay at Table process. CATS will remove the opportunity for theft, indicate that service is required, and protect the information on the credit card at all times. Timely, affordable and simple, CATS is the best solution


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'Card At Table Service'...a new sales category

The 'CATS Card At Table Service™' (Patent Pending) payment processing solution will help our channel partners mitigate the risk of a customer data breach by capturing and encrypting credit card information right at the table. Who has not heard of lost cards, stolen identities, and credit card fraud? 'CATS' will provide the enhanced security that customers demand and ensure that their Credit Cards will never have to leave the table again.

Service Indicator

While the customer's credit card is being well protected, that's not all that CATS does. Once the credit card has been swiped and automatically encrypted in the CATS reader, a light bar illuminates 'green' and then pulses to alert the server that the check is ready to be picked up at the table. This enables wait staff to expedite the customer transaction streamlining table turnover for restaurateurs.

Method of Use

The server takes the check to the POS terminal where the CATS dock enters the card data for authorization, just as though the card has been swiped. The process of returning the check to the table for signature and gratuity is completed in the normal way.

PCI Compliant Solution

'Card At Table Service' will satisfy the new regulations for PCI Compliance. CATS is PCI DSS 2.0 Compliant, and plug-n-play compatible with essentially all POS systems. All transactions remain encrypted until the POS receives the card data.